First and foremost... Privacy- Kitty Kan does not use cookies or web analytics. No data is sold to 3rd parties (that's just wrong) The only data we use is for processing and handling your orders and customer service. 

Two things we are really good at:

1.  Making quality cat products- that improve you and your cat(s) lives and health (without harming our planet) 

2. Customer service

3. Counting... ha, really just the first 2.  

Everything we do centers on improving the quality of life for cats and their owners (ha, "owners"... we purrfer "parents" or "roommates" since they are your babies or BFF's)

Our policies: Keep it simple... You buy it, we ship it... if not happy we refund your order.

So you made a purchase and then it goes on sale... 
yep, we hate that too, so don't worry:  Purchase prices/Sale items:  From time to time, we may put items on sale... if within 20 days prior to a sale, you purchased any item at a higher price of the sale price then simply let us know and we will credit your next purchase the difference or simply send you the difference.  

Other stuff:

-Kitty Kan Cube (the thick one): Guaranteed to still be functional for at least 1 year (even with up to 4 cats), if not then full refund.  

-Litter box returns- just return the used litter box to my mother-in-law at... ha.  Just kidding (she is wonderful); DO NOT ship cat waste... yes the litter boxes lock shut but we think it is against the law.  Just email us at and let us know what the problem is.  We would like to fix any issue or if you want... full refund.

Shipping and Delivery

At this time, Kitty Kan only ships within the Continental United States via FedEx and sometimes, USPO for the Kitty Kan's that do not have litter.  Sorry and wish it was not so (as fellow servicemembers) but no APO shipping.  The shipping is more than the products.

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Rescue/shelter donations of scratchers made from used shipping boxes:

Are shipped directly to cat rescues/no kill/adoptions/shelters once ready and there are 6 donated to one location. If not 6 within a reasonable time then of course whatever number will be shipped. Any donation to a location will be verified to be a legitimate public animal serving entity. Any blank donations or to a deemed inappropriate designated locate will be donated to a shelter/rescue at Kitty Kan, LLC sole discretion.  
Can't believe this is necessary but... We will not forward any notes provided with a donation that are, at our sole discretion, inappropriate.