Kitty Kan 40 pk Disposable Scoops


What else can we say... it's a disposable scoop!!!

One less thing to worry about... Just "scoop and toss."  Each scoop is about 10 inches long x 5 inches wide (after sides are up) x 1 inch sides.   Save over $10 by going to our "add on products" and click 40 pk disposable scoops in the drop down menu. 

  • Perfect while traveling or the just finished cleaning the regular scoop and kitty went again 
  • One less thing to clean or worry about; No water or harsh chemicals needed
  • Cleanlier, healthier and helps prevents the spreading of diseases and parasites from one cleaning to the next
  • Biodegradable; No wasting water or using harsh chemicals; 100% Made in USA from recycled materials
  • DOG WALKERS no more picking up warm poop through a plastic bag; Just scoop and flick the poop into the neighbors yard; Just kidding please put in trash.