Page still under construction... But some basic info for you.  
No, you've not heard of us before but we're a couple of guys that got tired of changing the litter box.
So for a long time now... that's what we do, without any marketing or flare (that adds cost).  
We are a family based small company that loves cats and only care about making their lives and owns lives better.
We are the first and the best disposable enclosed litter box with litter ever (just read the reviews)...
We're proud of our highest quality, disposable enclosed litter boxes... for those that simply cannot or are tired of, changing the traditional litter box. 
And don't forget all the effort to be environmentally responsible by only making cat scratchers/loungers from 100% excess cardboard.  It's really a big deal... not a single tree is cut for our scratchers.
Everything made in USA with only USA made recycled material.
So... just for the record... Kitty Kan is the first and the best Disposable Enclosed Litter Box in the history of mankind... and we only make scratchers from high quality board that otherwise would be scrap (straight from the production line).
Order today and discover what some cat loving guys came up with to get out of litter duty.